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Lucas G. Whitworth

Main: (816) 876-2600

E-Mail: lucas@whitworthlawoffice.com

Luke Whitworth is a lawyer in Kansas City concentrating his practice in personal injury matters, focusing on motor vehicle collisions, trucking collisions, traumatic brain injuries, catastrophic injuries, work-related injuries, premises liability, products liability, gas explosions and other complex injury cases.

Luke began his career at one of the most prestigious and formidable trial law firms in the country working on massive, complex lawsuits. There he received extensive training from some of the most well respected and feared trial lawyers in America.  He was involved in numerous multi-million dollar cases.  He learned how to properly identify, document and build complex injury cases, such as traumatic brain injuries. 

With that experience in hand Luke founded the Whitworth Law Office in order to provide aggressive, attentive representation to personal injury victims.  Luke understands the needs of his clients as well as the intricacies of the laws and complex procedural rules associated with trial practice.

Luke has represented clients residing in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, California and many other states across the County.

Excellent client communication is the cornerstone of Luke's practice.  He believes that being constantly available to his clients is what separates his law firm from other personal injury law firms.

Growing up in the Kansas City area, Luke had the benefit of watching his father practice law as both an attorney and now a federal judge.  Luke's older brother, Justin Whitworth, and a younger brother, Clayton Whitworth, are both lawyers in Kansas City.  Luke also has an Uncle and a Cousin who both practice law in Missouri. 

A Missouri native, Luke was born in the Kansas City area where he attended Blue Springs High School.  He attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City for both his undergraduate and law degrees.

In his free time Luke enjoys riding bikes and spending time with his Labrador retriever, Louie.


Joseph E. Garcia

Main: (816) 876-2600

E-Mail: jgarcia@whitworthlawoffice.com

Joseph Garcia is an experienced paralegal working for Whitworth Law Office, LLC, on personal injury matters, motor vehicle collisions, trucking collisions, premises liability, and other complex injury cases. 

Joseph Garcia grew up in the northeast side of Kansas City, Missouri, and attended the Kansas City Missouri Public School District. Joseph has experience in Spanish-English translation, both verbally and in writing. He went on to graduate from Missouri State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing.  

After graduating from Missouri State University, Joseph began his career working on several different cases ranging from employment discrimination lawsuits, torts, product liability, and other business litigation. Joseph has worked alongside attorneys on cases all throughout Kansas and Missouri. 

Joseph joined Whitworth Law Office, LLC, in April 2018, to represent clients against others that have caused them personal injury and financial harm.  Joseph holds himself to the highest standard to provide personalized, responsive, and effective services. 

At Whitworth Law Office, LLC, Joseph reviews evidence of the case, collects photographs of the scene, analyzes medical records and bills, and investigates any property damage and other damages. Joseph strives to provide effective representation that responds to the needs of underserved communities. As the legal field develops, its complexities in language and structure can discourage individuals from seeking the services they deserve. Joseph is committed to helping the Hispanic community navigate through this complex information by way of effective communication and legal services. 

Whitworth Law Office, LLC, is devoted to helping those in need regardless of language barriers. We promote effective attorney-client communications to provide our best services.   

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We will optimize the net result to you by increasing case value through thorough investigation and documentation.

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