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Premises Liability

When you are injured on someone's property, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries.  Property owners and property managers are required by law to maintain their property.  Homeowners and business owners are held accountable for injuries under premises liability law.  If the owner of the premises is aware of a dangerous condition on the property, he has a duty to fix or remove the dangerous condition in order to secure the safety of all persons entering the property.  At Whitworth Law Office, we can help you if you have been hurt or if a loved one has been killed by a dangerous condition on someone else's property. We represent clients in cases involving:

  • Negligent or Inadequate Security:  Owners of gas stations, bars, restaurants and other public places are responsible for the safety of their patrons.  This includes providing adequate security to guard against fights, violent muggings, shootings and other dangerous situations.
  • Powerlines/Electrocutions:   Our personal injury lawyers represent clients injured and families of those who have suffered wrongful death by electrocution.
  • Slip-and-Falls:  It is common in stores, restaurants and other public places for patrons to slip on spilled liquids and food items.  If the store owner or manager knew or should have known about the spill, they can be held liable for the injuries caused by these accidents.

If you were injured on someone else's property, you may be entitled to recover damages.  These damages include payment for medical costs and expenses, lost wages and loss of future earnings.  In some cases, you may recover damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress.  Call the personal injury lawyers at Whitworth Law Office today (816) 876-2600 for a free case evaluation.


Work-Related Injuries

After suffering serious injuries at work, many injured workers experience serious anxiety.  With medical costs involved with recovery and the lost wages from missing work, there are significant physical and financial roadblocks to overcome.  If you have been hurt at work, do not go through the workers' compensation process alone.  We handle cases involving:

  • Workers' Compensation:  Workers' compensation is a legal system established to make sure injured workers are covered in cases of work-related injuries.  When someone is injured at work, they often feel pressure from his or her employer.  It is important to hire the right personal injury lawyer to guide you through this complex time.
  • Third-Party Claims:  Often times, the money received from the workers' compensation system does not cover the full costs of injuries.  If someone else was responsible for the accident in some way - as in cases of faulty products and negligent vendors - we can bring a third-party claim to make sure you get the best compensation award available.
  • Construction Accident Claims:  Construction accident claims can involve workers' compensation and third-party actions, there are other legal considerations and complications involved.  We routinely handle complex personal injury claims for work-related injuries.

If you have been a victim of unsafe work conditions, the Kansas City personal injury lawyers at Whitworth Law Office are prepared to fight for you and your family.  We will pursue the full compensation you deserve with efficiency and aggression.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer


Information About Traumatic Brain Injuries ("TBI")

Unfortunately, some lawyers and law firms may not have the training to properly identify and document traumatic brain injuries sustained in accidents.  When appropriate, Whitworth Law Office identify and properly document concussions and traumatic brain injuries from the outset of your case.  

Suffering a traumatic brain injury can be a life changing experience.  The Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 1.7 million people suffer from some form of traumatic brain injury every year, and that it contributes to nearly one third of all injury related deaths in America.  

One key component to properly documenting a TBI case is comparing the problems of the injured person before and after the accident.  Personal injury attorney Luke Whitworth has extensive training on how to properly document and build head injury claims.  He will interview you and your family at various stages of the case with specific techniques that result in overwhelming evidence of your head injury.  This expertise in head injury claims maximizes the value of your case. 

There are many identifiable symptoms associated with head injuries.  The symptoms of a TBI can be separated into three categories: Physical, Mental/Cognitive, and Emotional.

Physical Problems:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Balance Problems
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Blurred Vision
  • Ringing in Ears
  • Hearing Problems
  • Loss or Reduced Taste or Smell

Cognitive/Mental Problems:

  • Attention Problems
  • Concentration Problems
  • Memory Problems
  • Reduced Reasoning
  • Problem Solving Skills Impaired
  • Problems Doing Math
  • Difficulty Following Directions
  • Difficulty Reading
  • Word Finding Difficulty
  • Doesn't Seem as Smart
  • Sensitive to Noice/Confusion
  • Difficulty Expressing Thoughts Verbally

Emotional Problems:

  • Increased Frustration
  • Decreased Tolerance
  • Easily Angered
  • Short Tempered
  • Anxiety
  • Overreaction to Events
  • Depression
  • Crying More Easily
  • Irritability

Concussions and TBI in Kansas City Accidents

Suffering a traumatic brain injury can be a life changing experience.  It not only effects the injured person, but it also impacts their family.  The victim may experience many different symptoms, such as memory loss, emotional disturbances such as depression, aggression and other behavioral changes.  These changes impact the loved ones of the injured person.  It is critical to hire an attorney who understands and appreciates the severe impact of a traumatic brain injury.  If you have sustained a concussion or traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another person or corporation, you should not take any chances with the outcome of your injury claim.  Insurance companies and corporations will frequently attempt to unfairly reduce or deny head injury claims.  Contact an experienced brain injury attorney today for aggressive representation (816) 372-2128.

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